“Leeds United have been fortunate to work with Hayley for the past 3 seasons. From the outset I was impressed not just with Hayley’s friendly and enthusiastic manner and noticeable love for Yoga but her excellent ability and ease in which she commanded the respect and focus of the players.  Each session is challenging and enjoyable, catering for all abilities. Hayley’s in depth knowledge is very evident with her attention to detail in each and every single players execution of movements/ poses. Hayley has a great understanding of football and professional sport and the demands placed on the body not just physically, but mentally as well and she recognises the need for recovery in both areas. Hayley doesn’t just teach our players Yoga, she educates them about their own bodies to enable them to take charge of their own individual recovery strategy so to maximise their recovery and preparation and ultimately improve their on-field performance”.

Matt Pears, Head of Strength & Conditioning, Leeds United.

"We were fortunate to bring Hayley into the club to take our players through weekly yoga recovery sessions during the pre season training period. A professional sports club can be a notoriously impenetrable environment for a female member of staff but Hayley’s highly professional demeanor and proficiency, immediately commanded the attention and respect of our players. She understood the intensive demands of their training schedule and her customized yoga sessions allowed the player to recover fully, physically and mentally".

Steve Bates, Head of Rugby, Newcastle Falcons

"Hayley has made my introduction in to yoga very easy and enjoyable. Her sessions are now an integral part of my training programme and I feel they have helped improve my performances on the field."

Neill Collins, Sheffield United defender 

“My shy and unassuming daughter has attended Yoga Bunnies since it first began. What a huge amount of pleasure it has brought her.  She quickly developed a sense of poise and an inner calm, which has remained with her these 4 years. The physical thrill she gets from learning new and extraordinary balances is perfectly complemented by the self-belief and quiet confidence, which has been carefully nurtured by Hayley.  I wholly recommend this wonderful activity”.

Anna Bannister, Dringhouses Primary School

“The yoga bunnies experience was brilliant - the pupils all really enjoyed their magical yoga journeys right from Reception to YR 6. They still use the balances / postures in their gym lessons today! It was great to see even the most challenging pupils take part and learn how to control and calm their bodies and mind. The school has never been so relaxed - even the staff”.

Miss Vicki Garbutt , Key stage 1 Co-ordinator, Forest of Galtres Primary School

“My family and I have been going to Hayley's yoga classes for the past five years. We love sharing our experience seeing the same teacher, but Hayley has a special skill at tailoring each lesson for our different needs. We each wanted to tell you about our experiences:

Mum (aged 40): I went to a few other yoga teachers' classes but it wasn't until Hayley's class that I really 'got' the physical, emotional and mental benefits of yoga. I love her classes, finding it a real treat every week.

Kids (aged 12 and 9 3/4): We like our lessons because we make our own stories to weave yoga postures into what's happening. And she plays games and has fun activities, like 'Park Yoga'.

Dad (a little older than 41): Hayley has, for all of the years I have been enjoying her men's yoga class, always been very professional. She smiles when we need support, pushes when we need encouragement, advises when we are doing something wrong, and calms when we need space and time. She has never had a bad day with us, despite acting as mentor, teacher and guru for many dozens (? hundreds) of people and all of the pressure and strain this brings.

In summary, she is an inspiration for all of us”.

Nicki, Graham, Beth & Sophie Law

"I really like going to my Yoga class because the postures are good fun especially the partner work poses which I get to do with my friends. When I have an exam coming up at school I practice some Yoga postures and Yoga breathing in the morning and it makes me feel more calm and confident".  

Lucy Murphy, age 15, Yoga 4 Teens Student

“In my years of professional experience with Hayley, I have always been struck by her ease as a teacher both with professionals and those for whom it is their first experience. She manages to be an effective, responsible and organized member of staff whilst always maintaining an understanding and compassionate rapport with whomever she may be teaching. Due to her varied skill base Hayley consistently demonstrates her abilities with not just theatre professionals but also the wider concerns of clientele in the community. Working with Hayley has always been marked by her honesty, loyalty and remarkable ability to make one laugh”.

William Tuckett

Creative Associate, Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Director/Choreographer

“At Claypole Management we offer a comprehensive casting service providing high quality professional actors/dancers/media models for film/television/theatre & media advertising. Maintaining the integrity of our prominent clients is very important to us and requires professional, sometimes delicate handling. Hayley understands the unique needs of our high profile clientele and with her vast teaching experience is able to necessitate an extremely high consideration of discretion, diplomacy and trust. Her tailor-made sessions have provided many of our VIP’s with the much needed breathing space to counter the constant pressure of being in the public eye”.

Sam Claypole, Casting Director & Agent, Claypole Casting and Claypole Management

Not just a Yoga Teacher…..

“I feel stressed’ divorce, business, house sale, that was the catalyst for making a decision to do something positive to make a change in my life. Reluctant to walk in to a room full of strangers I decided to see if I could locate a teacher in York that would offer one to one tuition. I found The Yoga Academy on the internet and made contact with Hayley and explained where I was in life and what I thought I wanted from Yoga. What I didn’t realise on that day was that in the weeks to follow Hayley would become not just a Yoga Teacher!

Walking in to the Church Room that first day I was slightly apprehensive, a fat 40 something with his new Yoga mat and a head like a shed! Was Yoga going to be right for me? I opened the door and I was greeted by the happy, friendly and approachable Hayley who instantly made me feel at ease. I remember after that very first lesson feeling de-stressed for the first time in a very long time. She made each lesson fun and the routines varied week to week and being a private client is just that, you have a feeling of trust and discretion I guess is difficult to achieve in a group.

As the weeks past I looked forward to the Thursday mornings with Hayley knowing that whatever had come my way that week I was going to have my release day! The day I knew that I would have the opportunity to not only learn Yoga but feel de-stressed again! Over the weeks I found not only a teacher in Hayley but a real friend, always prepared to listen to my moans and groans on my life, always giving me a perspective and encouragement that positive thoughts will bring positive results. So when I reflect on what The Yoga Academy has done for me! I realise not only did Hayley teach me the basics of Yoga but she is more than just a Yoga Teacher, she is an inspiration, a friend, a psychiatrist, a healer and a priest rolled in to one, but even more than that, she is one of the most genuine and nicest ladies you could ever wish to meet!”

Dean Sherriff, Managing Director Empire Tapes plc

“Hayley has been working at York MInd since November 2008 leading our yoga classes for adults recovering from mental ill-health. Throughout the time I have been working with Hayley I have been impressed by her passion for yoga, technical understanding and the way she is able to communicate, care for and support those she is working with. Hayley is a consummate professional in her work, a great team player and generally a joy to work with!”

David Smith, Chief Executive, York Mind (a charity supporting recovery from mental ill health)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the Yoga Bunnies sessions you did in our school. The children loved it and you were brilliant. All the staff have come to me and said how fantastic the sessions were so a big, big, thank you!!! Hope to see you again soon. 

Natalie Whaite, Sports Co-ordinator, Hob Moor Primary School